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Pernille Tranberg has two talks. Both of them integrate the ethics of new technologies such as social robots, generative AI (e.g. Dall-E and ChatGPT), Internet of Things, smart cars and cities. All her talks challenge the audience with dilemmas and concrete example from every day life, videos and quizzes. Both talks can be combined but then it has to be minimum 1 hour. Her talks last between 20 minutes and 2 hours.


Hear about artificial intelligence, what it can do for you, businesses and organisations, and for society –  for good and for bad. What are the risks such as misinformation, bias and privacy and how can you and your organisation tackle them. Depending on the level of knowledge, I’ll show how ChatGPT and DallE and other tools work work. The lecture is filled with ethical dilemmas that the audience will have to decide for themselves and discuss.


In Europe we work for a ‘data democracy’ with the human being at the center against China’s ‘data dictatorship’ and the US’s ‘data monopolies’. With data ethics we can better maintain our democracies and our human control over the new technologies. Hear about data ethics, who are in front, how do they do it, and how can Europe keep the firstmover position.

Depending on whether you are a public or private institution, the talk will include a lot of concrete examples of how data ethics can be a competitive advantage for companies and a matter of digital trust for the public sector.

You’ll also get tips to do’s and dont’s and which tools you can chose to chose data ethics. And leave with a clear understanding of data ethics principles.


She the co-author of the report Big Tech Soft Power. She and/or her co-author Mie Oenschläger do a talk about how big tech companies work though media, NGOs, and scientists to lobby for their cause.


This talk is more aimed individuals, be it teens or employees. It gives a lot of good and bad examples of personal data use, an understanding of the power of personal data and businessmodels and how we as individuals can gain more insight and advantages, when controlling our own data.

You’ll get a lot of concrete examples of tools and tips where you can take control of you own data. All the tools can be found here
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She’s been talking at TedXOxford, South by Southwest, MyData, Rabo Bank, Danish ministries for tax, business, competition, consumer etc, Novartis, Mobile World Congress.

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